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Meet Anastazia


I'm Anastazia,

I am a mom of two truly amazing boys, business development professional, accessibility advocate, and a daughter of two incredible, but ageing parents. Navigating the demands of a sandwich generation, like many of you, I am balancing countless responsibilities of parenthood, career and… everyday life.

I am a special needs mom, who has tried for years to emulate that image of motherhood, influenced by glossy commercials and social media. Like many, I have tried to be one of those women able to do it all: flawlessly, with perfect hair and coordinated suits. In reality, this was not achievable. I was tired, irritable, and super stressed. Losing many friends due to lack of time, I was often alone. Money was always just a little short. Self care nonexistent. 

I needed change. Deep inside I desired to live a life I dreamed of, provide for my children so they can do the same. I started to believe in myself again, and took the healthy steps that I desperately needed.


My goal is to lock hands with moms, especially special needs moms, who are tired of being tired, and who want to rebuild their own health. Moms who want to thrive and not barely survive. Who want to provide for their families, never worry about their child’s needs, who want to travel, grow, enjoy life more. 

Are you ready to thrive? 

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